Upcoming Missions

4/139:00pmThe Standard - The Heights  
4/148:00pmT-bone Tom's - Kemah  
4/209:30omBaker St. Pub - Sugar Land  
4/279:30pmBaker St. Pub - Woodlands  
5/48:00pmWild West Brewfest-Katy Mills Mall  
5/55:00pmWild West Brewfest-Katy Mills Mall  
5/119:30pmSherlock's - Westheimer  
5/129:00pmBaker St. Pub - Katy  
5/189:00pmLeaky Barrel - San Antonio  
5/198:00pmPrivate Event - Woodlands Country Club  
5/269:30pmBaker St. Pub - Sugar Land  
6/19:00pmHoliday Inn - Galveston  
6/27:00pmKemah Boardwalk  
6/87:00pmStevenson Park - Friendswood  
6/98:00pmHouse of Blues - w/Biz Markie  
6/159:00pmPub Fountains  
6/168:00pmT-bone Tom's - Kemah  
6/229:30pmSherlock's - Westheimer  
6/309:00pmBaker St. Pub - Katy  
7/47:00pmKemah Boardwalk  

2018 Completed Missions

1/510:00pm2-A-Days Sports Bar 
1/139:45pmBaker St. Pub - Sugar Land 
1/209:30pmBaker St. Pub - Woodlands 
1/259:00pmPrivate Event 
1/268:00pmWedding - Belltower on 34th 
2/99:30pmSherlocks - Westheimer 
2/109:30pmBaker St. Pub - Sugar Land 
2/179:30pmBaker St. pub - The Woodlands 
2/226:00pmHLSR Cookoff- NRG Stadium 
2/236:00pmHLSR Cookoff- NRG Stadium 
2/246:00pmHLSR Cookoff- NRG Stadium 
3/210:00pm2-A-DAYS Sports Bar 
3/48:00pmKemah Boardwalk - Band Showcase  
3/89:00pmGolden Nugget Lake Charles   
3/99:00pmGolden Nugget Lake Charles  
3/109:00pmGolden Nugget Lake Charles  
3/119:00pmGolden Nugget Lake Charles  
3/169:30pmBaker St. Pub - Sugar Land  
3/177:30pmWhite Oak Music Hall (80's Night) 
3/309:30pmBaker St. Pub - Woodlands  
3/319:00pmBaker St. Pub - Katy  
4/57:00pmConcert Series - Hughes Landing  
4/69:00pmLocal Pour - Woodlands  
4/79:00pmPrivate Event 

2017 Completed Missions

1/5/176:00pmThe Runway - Networking Event 
1/7/179:30pmBaker St. Pub - The Woodlands 
1/8/173:00pmTexas Twister Tavern - Benefit
1/20/179:30pmSherlock's - Westheimer  
1/21/179:30pmPrivate Event   
1/28/179:30pmSt. Regis Hotel   
2/3/179:30pmLocal Pour - River Oaks SUPER BOWL WEEKEND!
2/4/179:30pmLocal Pour - River Oaks SUPER BOWL WEEKEND!
2/10/179:30pmGolden Nugget - Lake Charles  
2/11/179:30pmGolden Nugget - Lake Charles  
2/18/179:30pmLocal Pour - The Woodlands  
3/3/179:30pmBaker St. Pub - The Woodlands  
3/4/176:00pmHLSR Cook Off  
3/10/178:00pmPrivate Event  
3/17/179:00pmBaker St Pub - Willowbrook St Paddy Bash  
3/18/179:00pmSt. Regis Hotel  
3/24/177:00pmT-bone Tom's (Kemah)  
3/31/179:30pmBaker St Pub - Sugar Land  
4/7/179:00pmGolden Nugget - Lake Charles  
4/8/179:00pmGolden Nugget - Lake Charles  
4/14/179:30pmLocal Pour - River Oaks  
4/15/179:30pmSherlock's - Westheimer  
4/22/179:00pmSambuca Houston  
4/28/179:30pmBaker St Pub - Sugar Land  
4/29/179:30pmBaker St Pub - Willowbrook  
5/5/177:00pmKaty Brew Fest Launch Party-Katy Mills  
5/6/176:00pmKaty Brew Fest-Katy Mills  
5/19/179:00pmJackie's Brickhouse - Kemah  
5/20/179:00pmB. Jiggers-Holiday Inn Galveston  
5/27/176:00pmKemah Boardwalk  
5/28/179:00pmBlue Martini-Golden Nugget Lake Charles  
5/3/1710:00pmLocal Pour - River Oaks  
6/9/169:30pmBaker St Pub - Sugar Land  
6/10/1710:00pmLocal Pour - River Oaks  
6/16/179:30pmConcert Pub North (Blonde Jovi/Spicolis)  
7/7/177:00pmT-bone Toms - Kemah  
7/8/176:00pmBands on the Sand - Moody Gardens  
7/15/179:30pmBaker St Pub - Willowbrook  
7/28/177:00pmKemah Boardwalk  
7/29/1710:00pmLocal Pour - River Oaks  
8/11/179:30pmBaker St Pub - Sugar Land  
9/8/179:30pmBaker St Pub - Willowbrook  
9/9/179:30pmBaker St Pub - Katy  
9/15/179:30pmSherlock's - Westheimer  
9/29/179:30pmConcert Pub North - 80's night  
9/30/179:30pmPrivate Event  
10/6/179:00pmJackie's Brickhouse - Kemah  
10/7/179:30pmSherlock's - Westheimer  
10/8/1711:30amAstros Watch Party - Minute Maid Park  
10/15/175:30pmNorth Shore Park - The Woodlands  
10/17/171:00pmAstros Watch Party - Minute Maid Park  
10/20/179:30pmBaker St Pub - Sugar Land  
10/21/1711:00amCross Creek Scarecrow Festival-Fulshear  
10/21/178:00pmHouston Zombie Walk Festival -The Heights  
10/28/173:00pmWorld Series Game 4-Minute Maid Park  
10/28/1710:00pmBaker St Pub - Willowbrook  
11/3/177:00pmT-bone Toms - Kemah  
11/4/1710:00pmSherlock's - Westheimer  
11/12/172:00pmRob Fleming Park - The Woodlands  
11/17/179:45pmBaker St Pub - Willowbrook  
11/18/179:45pmBaker St pub - Sugar Land  
11/24/179:00pmGolden Nugget - Lake Charles  
11/25/179:00pmGolden Nugget - Lake Charles  
12/2/179:00pmMonnalisa - City Center  
12/8/179:00pmCapone's - Missouri City  
12/9/17/9:00pmSherlocks - Westheimer  
12/15/179:00pmGolden Nugget - Lake Charles  
12/16/179:00pmGolden Nugget - Lake Charles  
12/31/179:00pmSambuca Houston - NYE  

2016 Completed Missions

DateVenue Name
1/9/2016Club 21
1/15/2016Baker Street Pub - Willowbrook
1/28/2016Local Pour - River Oaks
1/29/2016Local Pour - River Oaks
2/6/2016Sherlock's - Westheimer
2/19/2016Baker Street Pub - The Woodlands
2/20/2016Private Event
2/26/2016Sherlock's - Clear Lake
2/27/2016Local Pour - The Woodlands
3/4/2016Capone's Bar and Oven
3/11/2016Baker Street Pub - Sugar Land
3/25/2016Baker Street Pub - The Woodlands
3/26/2016Local Pour - The Woodlands
3/31/2016Local Pour - River Oaks
4/1/2016Local Pour - River Oaks
4/9/2016Sherlock's - Westheimer
4/16/2016Baker Street Pub - Willowbrook
4/22/2016Wild West Brewfest
4/23/2016Wild West Brewfest
4/30/2016Sherlock's Clear Lake
5/5/2016Local Pour - River Oaks
5/6/2016Local Pour - River Oaks
5/14/2016Baker St. Pub - Sugar Land
5/20/2016Local Pour - The Woodlands
5/27/2016Jackie's Brickhouse
5/29/2016Kemah Boardwalk
6/3/2016Baker St. Pub - Katy
6/4/2016Baker St. Pub - Sugar Land
6/8/2016Local Pour - River Oaks
6/10/2016Baker St. Pub - Cypress
6/17/2016Baker St. Pub - The Woodlands
6/18/2016Sherlocks - Westheimer
6/25/2016Capone's - Go for Joe Benefit
7/2/2016Local Pour - River Oaks
7/4/2016Northshore Park
7/8/2016Bands on the sand - Moody Gardens
7/9/2016Capone's Bar and Oven
7/15/2016Baker St. Pub - Sugar Land
7/16/2016Baker St. Pub - Willowbrook
7/22/2016Sherlocks - Westheimer
7/30/2016Local Pour - River Oaks
8/12/2016Jackie's Brickhouse
8/13/2016Katy Town Square
8/20/2016Private Event-Wedding
8/27/2016Local Pour - River Oaks
9/3/2016 T-Bone Tom's Steakhouse
9/4/2016Waterway Square - The Woodlands
9/16/2016Baker St Pub - Woodlands
9/30/2016Baker St. Pub - Sugar Land
10/5/2016Private Event
10/7/2016The West End - A Public House
10/14/2016The Wicked Wonderland Family Carnival
10/15/2016Kemah Boardwalk Wine Festival
10/22/2016Baker St Pub - Willowbrook
10/29/2016Baker St Pub - Sugar Land
11/11/2016Baker St Pub - Willowbrook
11/12/2016Local Pour - River Oaks
11/18/2016Jackie's Brickhouse
11/22/2016Baker St Pub - Cypress
12/2/2016Baker St Pub - Sugar Land
12/3/2016Baker St Pub - Willowbrook
12/9/2016Baker St Pub - Katy
12/16/2016Baker St. Pub - The Woodlands
12/17/2016Local Pour - River Oaks
12/30/2016Baker St Pub - Sugar Land
12/31/2016Local Pour - River Oaks

2015 Completed Missions

12/3Local Pour (River Oaks)
12/5Fundraiser - Pearland
12/5Private Party - The Heights
12/17Private Party - Memorial City
12/18Baker St. Pub (SugarLand)
12/19Capone's Bar & Oven
11/5Catwalk for a Cure (The Astorian)
11/7Baker St. Pub (Woodlands)
11/13Local Pour (River Oaks)
11/14Private Event (Hotel Za Za)
11/20Baker St. Pub (Willow brook)
11/21Capone's Bar & Oven
11/22Texan's Game (NY Jets)
11/27Jackie's Brick house (Kemah)
10/1Local Pour (River Oaks)
10/3Sherlock's (Westheimer)
10/17Capone's Bar & Oven
10/18David P. Benefit - Texas Twister Tavern
10/23Baker St. Pub (Willowbrook)
10/24Local Pour (River Oaks)
10/30Jackie's Brickhouse (Kemah)
9/3Local Pour (River Oaks)
9/4Local Pour (River Oaks)
9/5Baker St. Pub (SugarLand)
9/13Concerts in the Park (Woodlands)
9/18Baker St. Pub (Woodlands)
9/19Capone's Bar & Oven
8/21Sherlock's (Clear Lake)
8/22Rum Shack (Galveston)
8/28Baker St. Pub (Willowbrook)
8/29Capone's Bar & Oven
8/7Baker St. Pub (Cypress)
8/8Local Pour (River Oaks)
7/25T-Bone Toms (Kemah)
7/30Local Pour (River Oaks)
7/17Shamrocks (Willowbrook)
7/18Capone's Bar & Oven
7/2Republic Smokehouse Saloon
7/3Rum Shack (Galveston)
7/4Gooses Acre (The Woodlands)
6/27Baker St. Pub (Willow brook)
6/26Baker St. Pub (SugarLand)
6/6Rum Shack (Galveston)
6/18Local Pour (River Oaks)
6/20Capone's Bar & Oven
5/14Local Pour (River Oaks)
5/15Baker St. Pub (SugarLand)
5/24Memorial Day Concert (City Center)
5/29Private Event
6/5Baker St. Pub (Cypress)
5/1Katy Brewfest Pre-Party (Katy Mills Mall)
5/2Woodlands Triathlon(8:30am)
5/2Katy Brewfest (Katy Mills Mall)
5/9Sherlock's (Westheimer)
4/24Baker St. Pub (Willow brook)
4/25Jackie's Brick house (Kemah)
4/18Capone's Bar & Oven
4/16Local Pour (River Oaks)
4/11LoneStar Col. (Kingwood)
4/11Local Pour (River Oaks)
4/10Sherlocks (Westheimer)
4/4Wildcatter Saloon (Katy)
4/2Local Pour (River Oaks)
3/28Katy Brewfest Kick-off event
3/21Capone's Bar and Oven
3/20Pennison's Copperfield
3/17St. Patty Day @ Baker St. Pub (Woodlands)
3/14Baker St. Pub (Cypress)
3/7Saint Danes (Mid Town)
3/6Baker St. Pub (Willow brook)
2/28Chicago Joe's (Spring)
2/27Concert Pub Galleria
2/21Rum Shack (Galveston)
2/19Local Pour (River Oaks)
2/6Jackie's Brick house (Kemah)
1/30Chicago Joe's (Spring)
1/24Baker St. Pub (Cypress)
1/17Pennison's Copperfield
1/10Rum Shack (Galveston)
1/2Baker St. Pub (Katy)